In the film Age of Stupid, the issue of climate change is explored from the perspective of maybe one of the last humans alive in the year 2055. It is definitely in this sense, a cli-fi film because the man explores the causes of climate change and its escalation throughout our current century from a tower high in the sky that holds all remaining human artwork, books/films/media, and animal and plant specimens. He uses real video clips of news shows, interviews, documentary footage (filmed for the documentary and not), and more to show the escalation of climate change and how we got to where he "is" in 2055.

Some of the topics shown in the movie include:
  • Hurricane Katrina and other major weather events
  • The melting of glaciers/snow on the Alps in Europe
  • The Iraq War (for oil)
  • Worldwide oil industries and their impacts on the communities where they're drilling
  • The war for resources throughout human history
  • Cheap energy and the byproduct of human wastefulness
  • The fight for implementing wind turbine energy in England (and worldwide)
  • The Global Cap for oil usage and how it could be distributed
  • Alternative Energy Sources

While all of these topics are different on the surface level, they are all very interconnected when it comes to examining our past and current impacts on climate change. The man in the tower brings this amazingly large amount of information down to a very poignant and personal level with his own reaction to looking at what we have done and are doing to the planet, from the perspective of someone who no longer has the Earth to live on.

He continuously repeats the statement: "We could have saved ourselves, but we didn't" throughout the film. And at the end, he uploads the film he has just made (the film itself) and sends it out to space as a warning to whoever or whatever may find it.

Age of Stupid Trailer

This film is appropriate for all ages above a 7th or 8th grade level. It may be a lot to take in for the middle school ages, but it is still certainly able to be easily explained. The only issue middle school teachers ay face would be a small amount of profane language here and there in different interviews given throughout the film.

This film could also be used in any type of class, ranging from a science class to an english class focusing on climate change.

Teaching Methods
Besides watching the film itself, some teaching methods that could be used to help with comprehension and application might include:
  • Having students take notes throughout watching the film on:
    • Different causes of climate change
    • Solutions to climate change
    • Issues in the way of solutions to climate change being implemented
    • What struck them as important/scary
  • Having one large or a few small groups discuss their notes on each given topic
  • Having students investigate different causes and/or effects of climate change in groups or individually and present on them. Some of these causes/effects might be:
    • The oil industry (Shell, BP, Mobil, etc.)
    • The impact of cars on climate change
    • The melting of ice in mountainous regions worldwide
  • Having students come up with ways to lower their individual carbon footprints, as well as making their homes and the school itself more eco-friendly
    • A good start to this kind of project would be having each student take the test below to see how many Earths their current lifestyle requires:

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