Analysis on How to Use Different Social Media News Streams


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Of the many features of Facebook, probably the most used one is the ability to share links. People are able to share a page that they either found fascinating, humorous, or even disgust over. Along with the funny cat videos that everybody likes to post, Facebook users also like to post information based on current events and news. This can be a great tool to analyze the opinions of your friends, however, it is not smart to take these news pages as the truth without further research on your own part. Any website, reliable or not, can be shared via Facebook. It is important to do more in depth research via a trustworthy site before listening to what your Facebook friends shared on your timeline.
Trending Section
Another feature Facebook offers is the trending tab. Facebook has taken it upon themselves to find current and popular news items and posts them on the side of every users timeline. The title is followed by a brief summary of the event along with the ability to click and open up for a further covering of the topic. This brings you to a gathering of all relevant posts on the topic from verified and trustworthy users.
Popular Pages to Follow for News
Facebook has recently developed the check mark next to Facebook pages that have been verified. These pages are trustworthy and able to be taken as reliable sources. Some popular and beneficial pages to add are listed and linked below.
Fox News
NBC News
Breaking News
BBC News
Detroit News
Barack Obama sees climate change as such an important issue that he made his very first Facebook post about it. This is a great example of a reliable news source on Facebook.
Unreliable Facebook Post on Climate Change
The link above is to a page that denies climate change and therefore spins the truth on certain articles to back up their page. In this particular article, they explain that scientists have concluded that the Arctic ice is increasing in size. In reality, it is only one iceberg that is increasing while the scientists have repeatedly said the rest are in fact melting.

Creating Your Own Page
If you are a concerned student looking at this page, you may want to even create your own Facebook page in order to inform your friends on current events relating to it. Similarly, if you are a teacher viewing this page, you may want to create a class wide page where every student can have access to the page. All you have to do is invite each student to be an administrator of the account. Once they accept this, they can log into their own account and select the Facebook page you created. From there, they can post and share anything they feel would be a good addition to the page. Our class has recently made a Facebook page called DIY Environmentalism. Feel free to like this page and use it as an example for your own page.

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