Created by: Lucas Wilkins& Angelo Negrito

I have created our very own tumblr blog, you can find out more about Dr. Allen and his class if you follow the link.
Class Tumblr Page

There are several ways to present issues on climate change on the internet. For example, blogs, wikis, websites, or forums. __Tumblr__ or __Blogger__ are a popular blogging source. Tumblr is a trending blogging website among young adults, it allows you to post messages (publicly or anonymously), GIFs, videos, and even chat in a blink of an eye. Memes/GIFs are commonly used in this website. They are useful visual aids to people on the internet.

Blogger has been used in our English 3110 class often and we discussed about the novels we read. Tumblr is a great way to reach out to people that aren’t studying about these issues. I believe Blogger is more formal. It is mainly used in an academic environment. Even though tumblr is more social media, I think it reaches more of our millennial in a faster rate compared to blogger.

Tumblr Tutorials
  1. First follow this link and click sign up, on the top right corner.
    1. __Tumblr__
    2. It will ask you what kind of things you like. This will remove any unnecessary newsfeed from irrelevant posts. You control what you want to see
tumblr blogs.JPG
  1. When you login, this is what your dashboard should look like

Tumblr UI.JPG

  1. Let’s say you wanna search for blog posts about climate change, you will find a plethora of posts relating to climate change
Tumblr UI - Copy.JPGReblig.JPG

    1. The neat thing is tumblr will analyze what kind of blogs you like and there is a recommended for you section
    2. If you enjoy a certain a blog and want to get updates, you can follow their blog by just the click of a button. The symbol is a "plus" sign.
How to edit blog theme/style

Tired of your plain blog? Style it up by installing themes or if you're tech savvy, maybe html coding.

  1. Click the "person symbol" on the top right corner of your dashboard and click sittings from the drop down menu
    1. Tumblr UI - Copy (2).JPG
  2. This page should come up:
    1. Edit theme tumblr.JPG
  3. You will have hundreds, thousands of themes to choose from. Some are free and some you have to pay for.
    1. Tumblr themes.JPG
    2. You can also make themes manually. It's actually quite simple!. Click on your blog URL and on the top right corner you will see this:
    3. edit theme.JPG
    4. tumblr theme.JPG
      HTML Coding

How To Do a Blog Post
  1. You have many choices on how you wanna do you blog posts
  2. Click the pencil symbol on the top right corner:
    1. Tumblr UI Post.jpg
    2. Tumblr Posts.JPG

Tumblr has recently added a instant messaging feature so you can chat amongst your colleagues, friends, or family and exchange ideas about climate change solutions. The thing that makes tumblr stand out from other traditional blogs is the "reblog" feature. Reblogging allows users to re-post or "forward" another's bloggers post. This creates a domino effect and thus more traffic activity. Informing the world globally on climate change has never been so easy! You can search for climate change-related tumblr blogs and follow them.

tumblr symbols.png
Tumblr Reblog/Like Symbol

Tumblr is also available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store The user interface on mobile is very convenient and simple!

If you aren’t really into mainstream social media or want something less flashy, another option would be blogger. The neat thing about blogger is that it’s part of google. So if you have a gmail account, it becomes quite simple. All you have to do is either go to google website. On the top right corner you should see a drop down menu and look for blogger.

Blogger Tutorial
  1. Create a gmail account.
  2. Either directly go to blogger website or from the drop down menu of the google website on the top right corner.
  3. Create a blog list, watch this video for help.
  4. Edit styles.
  5. Comment on other blog posts.

Knowing popular hashtags or lingos helps with getting the word out about climate change. Frequent social media users can easily search these blogs or blog posts. It would be able to come up in search engines easily too.

Popular Environmental Hashtag Examples
The top 10 most popular tags on tumblr (2012)
How to Become One of the Cool Kids on Tumblr

While sites such as Blogger and Tumblr are great for sharing thoughts and experiences with others, they are not very formal and are not the most reliable of sources. Tumblr is mainly a hub for pop culture and media. If you are looking for a more formal online site Wiki’s offer a good alternative. They are formal documents that are generally written as a collaboration between numerous people, and generally have multiple links to other websites and their sources. Wikipedia is probably one of the most wide know wiki. While they may seem daunting at first, they are fairly simple and straightforward to operate. Wikispaces is a very popular choice and only costs $10 per month for the base package.

Wikispaces Tutorial:
Using Wikispace is very simple as it is user friendly and many of the features take you through them step by step. Here are some tips to get you started.
  1. click on this link to create an account.
  2. follow the prompts to decide what type of wiki you need.
  3. Once your wiki account has been created it will take you to your dashboard. On this screen you can see all of your wikis, manage settings, and look at messages.dashboard.png
  4. To create a new wiki simply click on the "new wiki" button in the top right corner and follow the prompts to set up you wiki.pngnew wiki questions.png
  5. You can personalize your wiki to however you want with many built in designs in the settings under "manage wiki".
  6. For in-depth explanations, check out these __videos__.