external image 1754736.jpgChloe and Theo is the story of a young, courageous, homeless girl named Chloe, and her friend Theo, an Inuit who travels from the Arctic to New York to tell his message of climate change and the potential disasters that come with the sun's warming. Theo's Inuit tribe sends him to the "South" to convey his message. He is on a mission to talk to the "Elders of the South," or the Presidents of every nation. The Inuit tribe has discovered that the Sun is not happy with the human race, and they believe they must tell South that, in order to maintain a healthy, prosperous race, they must cut down on their carbon footprint.

As Theo begins to understand life in New York, he begins to realize that it is too late; there is no cure to the disease that has overtaken the "South." He once states that "I have to talk to my own people. We are much too late. Your leaders don't have the power to change anything. Televisions have the real power. They compel you to buy things you don't need, and they give you false hope. In your cities, there is no clean air." Theo's realization is quite powerful, and his ideas are applicable to many aspects of Earth's current situation. Perhaps the most symbolic aspect of this movie was Theo's murder. He was killed before he had the opportunity to convey his message of global warming to the United Nations. This symbolizes the human race's lack of awareness towards climate change, and indirectly shows how, without quick action and policies, the human race will be killed off, without ever truly having the opportunity to combat climate change and global warming.

Ideas for Teaching

This movie is relatively short, and would be a great resource for teachers looking to discuss climate change in their classrooms but are tired of using statistics and raw data. This film could be used in science or english classes, for it uses a large amount of symbolism and ideas that center around climate change. This movie would be a great compliment to pure factual information, for it does not go extremely in depth with the topics surrounding climate change, but it is easy to decipher the main ideas. If I were to use this film in my classroom, I would have students watch the movie in class, and then break the students into teams. These teams would complete projects such as:
-The United Nations affect on policies surrounding global warming
-Inuit or Eskimos and global warming
-Effect of global warming on the Arctic
-Use of symbolism in the film-Theo's death

Teaching Resources

Impact of Chloe and Theo may be a helpful tool for teachers to understand the main concepts of the film, and it's importance towards understanding global warming.

Teaching Climate Change is yet another resources that may help teachers understand how to present topics surrounding climate change.

Useful Links

The following resources may be useful for class projects.

Inuits and Global Warming details the impact of global warming on the Inuit tribe, and the Inuit's views on the matter.

A Threatening Changing Climate. This article also discusses the impact of global warming on the Inuit tribe, and gives many examples that may be helpful to students.

Global Warming and the Arctic gives an overview of the impact of climate change and global warming on life in the Arctic, particularly melting ice sheets and rising sea levels.

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