Writing cli-fi stories is a great way to help students get creative while keeping climate change in mind. This activity can be done by students of all ages. Students can have free rein with this activity, or they can have a guided writing session with different themes or elements in mind.

Some things to think about while writing about climate change might include:
  • Implications of human decisions NOW on the future
  • Characters who can reflect on what we did to bring the planet into its "current" (future) state
  • What kind of lifestyle future humans have because of climate change
  • Focus on your home region and how it is affected by climate change
    • This topic will require some research into climate change science and predictions

This could be a short assignment, or one that could be done over a week or so with different writing workshops each class session. It is dependent upon the type of class being taught. An ideal class for writing workshops would be an English class, however, other subject matters might find the writing of a Cli-Fi story with their topic of discussion as a theme might find this assignment very unique and beneficial as well.

Attached to this Wiki are two examples of Cli-fi Short Stories written by Maddie Reeves and Rachel Salgat.

By: Maddie Reeves and Rachel Salgat
The Candle